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Testing Support

Supported Testing Levels

Enterprise Architect supports five levels of testing:

  1. Unit testing
  2. Integration testing
  3. System testing
  4. Acceptance testing
  5. Scenario testing

Enterprise Architect provides support for integrating testing procedures with the base model. Each element supports four test types and general searching and reporting on tests status.

Testing Basics

Different elements support testing at different levels. For example, a Use Case is a good element to apply a System Test to, while a Unit Test might be applied at the Class level.

Introduction to Testing in Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect provides support for testing by allowing you to create test scripts against elements in the modeling environment. Typically you would create Unit tests against things that are being built, such as classes and components. You create Integration tests to test how components work together, System tests to ensure the system meets business needs, Acceptance tests to test user satisfaction with the system and Scenario tests to test the end to end business suitability and functionality of the application

To access the test dialog, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Test Cases docked window by selecting the View | Other Windows | Testing menu item.

  2. Open the diagram that holds the element you want to view the test script for.

  3. Select the element and all of the test scripts for that element will appear in the Test Cases docked window.

The Testing Workspace

The Test Cases docking window provides a quick and convenient method of working with element tests. When you select an element in a diagram or in the Project Browser, if the Testing Workspace is visible, the lists of tests for that element are loaded ready for modification or addition.

Double clicking on a line item will bring up the Test dialog, so the details can be edited. You can also delete the currently selected test.

There are five tabs along the base of the docking window - one for each of the following types of testing:

The Test Details Dialog

The Test Details dialog is shown when you use the Testing workspace to add or modify test cases. You can add multiple test cases in one batch by using the Apply, Save and New buttons.

See the following EA Online User Guide links for more details:

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