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Version Control

"With in-built support for CVS and SCC compliant version control systems, Enterprise Architect allows precise management of the development process and the ability to share different models and frameworks across an entire organization, either locally or in a highly distributed manner."

Enterprise Architect's version control system allows for storing in any compliant system of standard XMI text files. These may then be versioned and distributed to developers, analysts, managers and team members in general, either for inclusion in privately assembled models ("private mode") or as part of the control and management of a shared DBMS ("shared mode").

Enterprise Architect allows for complex nesting of versioned packages, and the ability to easily reconstruct complex models from a single or multiple root packages. By importing a versioned root package into a "clean" model and invoking the "GetAll" command, an entire model can be populated from scratch - making the possibility of building "on demand" models a reality.

For example, a developer may include versioned root packages like these:

  • Use Case Model
  • Design Model
  • Java Framework
  • Server Framework
  • Requirements Model

Presuming these are all versioned packages that have been developed over the lifetime of the current project, once these are imported into a clean Enterprise Architect model, it is simply a matter of invoking the "Get All" command to fully populate the model with the latest information.

Enterprise Architect supports the popular CVS version system natively, and a wide range of popular tools, such as ClearCase, Visual Source Safe, Accurev, Perforce and others.

For maximum flexibility Enterprise Architect also lets you link a single model to multiple version control repositories - and it lets you use different version control providers within the same model. This lets you cleanly partition your models into different version controlled repositories, and still bring them back together in a single model file or shared DBMS project.

Version control is also a great way of working in a highly distributed environment - either with each developer having their own "private" model - or with small to medium sized teams sharing a controlled model. The distribution and propagation of changes within the models can then be left to the version control system.

With the new "Compare and Diff" functionality built into Enterprise Architect Professional and Corporate, you can also do a quick "Diff to Latest File" on any versioned package. This lets you monitor your changes and verify your work before committing back to the main repository.

So if you need to carefully manage the development process and keep precise versioned copies of completed work and work in progress, then Enterprise Architect has the capability to meet your needs.