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Requirements Validation is an essential part of business analysis to ensure that the solution developed meets agreed upon business needs. Defining Test Cases with Evaluation and Acceptance Criteria for requirements enables the validation of requirements.

Enterprise Architect provides support for testing by allowing you to create test cases for requirements and use cases. Typically, you would create Unit tests against things that are being built, such as classes and components. You create Integration tests to test how components work together, System tests to ensure the system meets business needs, Acceptance tests to test user satisfaction with the system and Scenario tests to test the end to end business suitability and functionality of the application.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Thu 17 Dec 08:00 am
New York Wed 16 Dec 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Wed 16 Dec 13:00 pm
Singapore Thu 17 Dec 05:00 am
London Wed 16 Dec 21:00 pm

Session 2


Nithiya Krishnan, CBAP® Business Solutions Architect
Sparx Systems
Professional profile Nithiya is a Certified Business Analysis Practitioner, with specialized skills in solutions for Business Analysis, Business Data Modeling, Business Intelligence and Information Architecture. She has experience in all phases of IT projects in a variety of industries with niche skill in Sparx Enterprise Architect.
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

Enterprise Architect support SysML modeling. It may be covered in future webinars.
For more information on SysML, please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic: Systems Modeling Language (SysML).
Yes. MDG Integration for Microsoft Office enable import and export of elements from and to Microsoft Excel. The MDG Integration for Microsoft Office add-In can be downloaded from this page:
Model Integration for Microsoft® Office The page includes system requirements and installation instructions.
Enterprise Architect can be integrated with third party tools using ProCloud Server. This would allow linking tests in enterprise Architect to external tests and Viceversa.
Please visit below link for more information: Integrations of Pro Cloud Server
Enterprise Architect provides MDG technology to extend Enterprise Architect. Enterprise Architect can also be integrated with third party requirements tools like DOORS, Jira, ServiceNow etc using ProCloud Server that may allow one to upload requirements into Enterprise Architect automatically.
Please visit below link for more information: Integrations of Pro Cloud Server
The webinar was demonstrated using EAExample model that ships with every installation of Enterprise Architect. Open Enterprise Architect and follow the menu Start | Help | Open The Example Model.
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