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A high level tour of Sparx Systems latest product release, Prolaborate.

Prolaborate adds a vital information layer to Sparx Systems modeling tool suite, addressing the need of end users and non-modelers alike to be informed by the enterprise model.

In this webinar we'll show how Prolaborate empowers relevant stakeholders, including C-level executives, analysts and other business users, with curated views of the model.

We'll show how:


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Session 1

Melbourne Thu 29 Nov 08:00 am
New York Wed 28 Nov 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Wed 28 Nov 13:00 pm
London Wed 28 Nov 21:00 pm
Auckland Thu 29 Nov 10:00 am

Session 2


Nizam MohamedSparx EA Consultant
Prolaborate Evangelist
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers


Sparx Systems Prolaborate is the 'Next Step' for the modeling community. Prolaborate allows users to create tailored set of views that reduce complexity, focus attention and increase the accessibility of model information for the non-modeling community who are more concerned with consuming the models. Prolaborate also provides dashboards, impact analysis, gated reviews and much more to leverage information from the model to provide unique windows into the model for a custom audience.

For more information about the product, please visit the Sparx Systems Prolaborate website.

For more information and to experience Prolaborate for yourself, register for a free trial via the Prolaborate website or email [email protected] for more information.

Please email [email protected] to request a demonstration. Alternatively, you can register via the Prolaborate Trial Page. The Instant Trial Page helps you to experience what Prolaborate will look like for an end user. You can see how diagrams are viewed as a guest, see how a team member can view a selected part of the model and examine a tailored dashboard.

Yes. Sparx Systems Prolaborate uses the Pro Cloud Server API's to access model information. For more information about how the Pro Cloud Server works with Prolaborate, please visit the Sparx Systems Prolaborate website.

The Sparx Systems website provides a number of videos, instant trials and tours to help get you started with Prolaborate.

For more information, see the Prolaborate - Start Here page on the Sparx Systems website. This page includes a Tour that will show you what Dashboards, landing pages and diagram thumbnails look like with Sparx Systems Prolaborate. It also demonstrates how a team member can be restricted to seeing a selected part of the model.

Sparx Systems Prolaborate Installation and Licensing

Please refer to the Prolaborate Pricing Page for more information.
Can I use a single physical server to setup the Pro Cloud Server (with Version Control, SKSS), WebEA, Sparx Systems Prolaborate and DB Server?
Yes. You can set up the Pro Cloud Server, WebEA and Prolaborate - all on a single server.

Prolaborate works in conjunction with the Pro Cloud Server. You get 10 Prolaborate licenses complimentary with the Pro Cloud Server, for additional users you can purchase Prolaborate packs of 10, 25, 50, 100 or simply select your desired number of additional users. You can use the calculator on the website to determine the cost to your organization.

For more information, see the website for Prolaborate, Pricing and Purchasing.

Yes. You get 10 free licenses of Prolaborate with every Pro Cloud Server and Pro Cloud Server Express purchased.

For more information, see the Prolaborate, Pricing and Purchasing webpage.

Prolaborate is a licensed product. You get 10 free licenses with the purchase of the Pro Cloud Server. If you have more than 10 users, you may need to consider expanding the number of Prolaborate licenses accordingly.

Prolaborate is a web-based interface and no thick client installation is required.

There are plenty of examples and guides to help build graphs. The Sparx Systems Prolaborate support team can support you to build a few initial graphs too. For more information, see the website topic on Prolaborate, Build Enterprise Architect Charts and Reports.

Yes, you can set it up on a private cloud.

Features of Sparx Systems Prolaborate

No. WebEA and Prolaborate are two different products that serve different target audiences and application goals. WebEA will still be the web front end for the core Modelers to refer to their models with all the details and full model structure. Prolaborate is for the rest of the team, the non-modeling community, the stakeholders, vendors and all the non-tech users. WebEA and Prolaborate are web platforms that offer live model sharing and collaboration. Visit the Sparx Systems website to analyze the offerings in detail and compare and contrast WebEA and Prolaborate.

WebEA is designed as a web front end for model authors and reviewers. It allows modeling experts to refer to their models in detail and with the full model structure. Prolaborate is for the rest of the team, the non-modeling community, the stakeholders, vendors and all the non-tech users.

WebEA is the web based front end to the Pro Cloud Server that provides a "no frills" and immediate view of an Enterprise Architect model exactly as the modeler has built it. It is fast, works across multiple devices and includes access to many of the extended Enterprise Architect features such as Resources, Tests, Maintenance and etc. It also includes tools to perform ad hoc SQL queries and other low level actions familiar to experienced Enterprise Architect users.

Prolaborate is the Next Step in the evolution of an Enterprise Architect model and provides a completely new way of approaching model content. Highly customized viewpoints tailored for specific users, social and collaborative tools, impact and decision analysis capabilities and other refinements make Prolaborate the perfect tool for a much broader audience. Take an Enterprise Architect model to C level executives with confidence. Distribute process flows to stakeholders in a form that facilitates optimal implementation and acceptance.

Yes. From a Prolaborate standpoint, the features are identical. However, if you are using the Pro Cloud Server Express, the user base cannot expand beyond 10 users.

Yes. This is currently achieved by combining the functionalities of Enterprise Architect (Baselines) and Prolaborate reviews.

Yes. Prolaborate supports the integration with products such as Sharepoint and Confluence. For example, Prolaborate lets you add live references to Enterprise Architect diagrams, packages, and elements in Confluence. This can be achieved using the Embed macro. Additional macros are available for Confluence.

For more information, see the Help topic Prolaborate Documentation about Confluence Integration.

Yes. It is possible to edit the element name, notes, properties and tagged values of an element through Sparx Systems Prolaborate.

Yes. It is possible to start a discussion on diagram.

Yes. It is possible to use the Prolaborate add-in for Enterprise Architect in order to see the discussions within Enterprise Architect itself.

Using Sparx Systems Prolaborate

No. Any combination of supported databases will work. This gives you additional flexibility when it comes to product deployment, allowing you to choose technologies that suit your individual needs.

It can only be edited by people that have Dashboarding permissions approved.Are report filters designed by a wizard or coded directly using SQL / JScript?
The reports can be built using Wizards based on Model structure. The advanced graphs are driven primarily by SQL queries. Future builds of Sparx Systems Prolaborate will focus on simplifying this process even further. For more information, see the website for documentation on building Enterprise Architect Charts and Reports.

Prolaborate also has inbuilt Jira integration to virtually link Enterprise Architect and Jira. For more information, see the Help documentation for Enterprise Architect Jira Integration.

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