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Prolaborate 4 - the most recent version of the feature rich Sparx Systems collaboration platform, is faster, more responsive and delivers increased scalability.

Join Nizam Mohamed to learn about the latest features and great performance enhancements in Prolaborate 4. Gain an understanding of how this improved release can help you maximize the value from your architecture efforts and redefine what it means to collaborate.

Prolaborate 4 builds on the accumulated feedback and suggestions from experienced and passionate users from across the world. Discover what we've learned and implemented in Prolaborate 4 to allow a highly scalable, robust solution that has a rich, intuitive user interface, offering the best in class user experience for all stakeholders.


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Session 1

Melbourne Tue 07 Dec 08:00 am
New York Mon 06 Dec 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Mon 06 Dec 13:00 pm
London Mon 06 Dec 21:00 pm
Auckland Tue 07 Dec 10:00 am

Session 2

Melbourne Tue 07 Dec 20:00 pm
Singapore Tue 07 Dec 17:00 pm
Bangalore Tue 07 Dec 14:30 pm
Berlin Tue 07 Dec 10:00 am
London Tue 07 Dec 09:00 am


Nizam MohamedSparx EA Consultant
Prolaborate Evangelist
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

Yes, Prolaborate 4 is available now.

Please reach out to [email protected] to share your requirements and get an official quote. You can learn more about Sparx Systems Prolaborate 4 from the website below:
Prolaborate Version 4.0

Prolaborate 4.0 is currently only available in English. You can also modify the labels of the Properties or Tagged Values to suit your individual needs.
Learn more here:
Modeling Languages

Prolaborate can integrate with any SSO applications that support SAML 2.0, so you can have any mechanism that is supported in your SSO tool.

Learn more using Prolaborate resources listed below: Integrate SAML Single Sign-On

Prolaborate can be connected with multiple repositories and those repositories can be hosted on any database server located anywhere. This includes an on-premises installation or the cloud. Please note that this capability has been available from Prolaborate 3.

Yes, there are a combination of in-app notifications, Notification Icons and Emails that will be sent for collaborations.

To learn more about Notification settings, please refer to Prolaborate documentation below: Manage Email and In-app Notifications

Yes. This is available for all existing customers, and our team is more than happy to connect with you to workout a migration plan and help you with the migration to Prolaborate 4. Please email [email protected] for more information on your migration path.

Yes. Prolaborate fully supports 100% local deployment.

To learn more about Confluence integration, please refer to documentation below:
Enterprise Architect Confluence Integration.

Yes. If you are intending to sync information in ServiceNow to your Enterprise Architect model, it can be done through the Pro Cloud Server. Once the EA model has the aggregated data, they can be easily visualised in Prolaborate to understand the complete architecture and application landscape.

Yes. Integration with Azure DevOps and Jira is available in Prolaborate 4.0.

Prolaborate can be integrated with SSO only at a global application level.

Yes. Impact Analysis has been revamped with the latest technologies and elaborate use-cases and converted to Diagrammer in Prolaborate 4.

Support for PostgresSQL databases is planned version 4.3 (ETA: Q2 2022)

For on-premises customers, there are multiple options based on their usage and expectations. You can either Upgrade your current installation or setup a parallel instance to try out Prolaborate 4. We would request our cloud customers to reach out to the cloud team for the recommended next steps.

The minimum number of licenses that can be purchased is 10 and those purchases are available on an Annual basis, not monthly.

Yes, Prolaborate supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Yes, Prolaborate can run well on a machine other than the one where Pro Cloud Server is installed. It is recommended to keep both on the same server to reduce latency. Container-based deployment is possible in Prolaborate 4.

Prolaborate 4 has enhanced search capabilities, that can let you search for terms / keywords and use the discuss feature to collaborate and sort duplicates and eliminate redundancies.

EA SaaS enables you to model using EA just from your browsers on fast and secure AWS or Azure cloud environments.

Learn more using Prolaborate and Enterprise Architect SaaS resources listed below: Enterprise Architect SaaS

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