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This is the third webinar in our on-going Enterprise Architect 14 preview series. Enterprise Architect 14 brings the power of the Specification Manager to any diagram, providing a simple document-like view of the model. Identify gaps in documentation at a glance and see how well that documentation elaborates and refines the visual model. Simplify the process of model creation and editing.

Another powerful model editing tool - the dockable Properties view - now features new dynamic tabs for context sensitive editing of elements, diagrams, relationships and more.

Join us as we explain these and other modeling tool enhancements in the exciting version 14 pre-release.

In this webinar:


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Session 1

Melbourne Tue 05 Dec 08:00 am
New York Mon 04 Dec 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Mon 04 Dec 13:00 pm
London Mon 04 Dec 21:00 pm
Auckland Tue 05 Dec 10:00 am

Session 2


Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers


No, just the notes and descriptions. It does not work on the names of elements, as these may follow a naming convention such as REQ1003, rather than standard English terms.

The Spell Checker can run automatically and will highlight any possible errors in text. For more information on Spell Checking, refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide.

Yes. Use the format painter tool to apply the font and appearance of one element to others.

For details, see the Help topic Changing Element Appearance and its subtopics.

Properties Window


Yes. Any Tagged Values appear under their own tab in the Property Browser.

Yes. You can still press Ctrl + Enter or use the Context menu to access properties.


Ctrl+S will save the diagram, but use the Save button in the Property window to ensure you save any attributes or behavior changes on an individual element.

Diagram In-line Specification Manager

Yes it does. However not all MDG technology will have a custom sub-pane.

Only the description.

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