Introducing Enterprise Architect 14 – Model Patterns & Perspectives

Webinar November 2017
In this webinar:
  • Preview the new Model Wizard interface
  • Understand the range of built-in Model Patterns
  • Apply new model patterns & perspectives to kick-start your projects

The Model Wizard has been available in Enterprise Architect for many years, but in version 14 it has received a huge update. The goal of these changes has been to greatly enhance the modeling experience and to make it much easier to find and use the right modeling approach for a particular domain and purpose.

In this webinar, we preview the new Model Wizard and its huge selection of model patterns that come with detailed guidance and references, perspective-based filtering and use of meta-model driven views that combine to vastly improve the modeling experience.

Ben Constable
Ben Constable

Explore the Mind Map of the Version 14 Release

We have provided the example Enterprise Architect mind map model used in the webinar
Presentation model: enterprise-architect-14-release-mind-map.eap Download the Enterprise Architect Mind Map Model that documents the version 14 Release

Questions from the Audience

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 When will version 14 be released?

We are planning to release version 14 during the first quarter of 2018. There will be a beta release beforehand.

 What is the URL for the previous webinar landing page?

 For those of us with a single license, is it possible to get access to the cloud server at all?

Anyone with an Enterprise Architect Corporate edition (or higher edition) license can access a cloud server instance. You only need the URL of the server instance and login credentials. To create a cloud-based model repository, however, you need a separate Pro Cloud Server license.

 How does this [Patterns, Perspectives and Metamodel Views] affect current MDG Technologies?

Existing MDG Technologies will continue to work as before. However, in time you will be will be able incorporate some of these new features with your MDG Technologies.

 We have already created Meta-classes/stereotypes in a model, diagram and toolbox MDG in V12.1. Would it be possible to utilize it in Version 14?


 Is it possible to migrate models from version 12.1 to 14?

Yes. You simply use Enterprise Architect 14 to open the project that you originally created with version 12.1. There is no other action required of you to migrate to the new version.

 Do I have to migrate via Enterprise Architect 13?



 Will the MDG Technology Framework allow us to create new pattern types and include things about new features?

Model Wizard patterns are normally distributed with an MDG technology. The patterns exist as separate XMI files from the MDG Technology file, and need to be copied to the EA ModelPatterns directory in your installation path.

The MDG Technologies don't define perspectives, but a perspective can reference user created MDG Technologies.

 Will you also provide some guidelines or webinar on how to create all these wizard patterns?

We will likely provide both guidelines and one or more webinars on creating patterns and other customizations with version 14.

 Are there patterns defined in system engineering (in SysML)?

There will be.

 Are there patterns for entity/relationship modeling outside UML?

Yes, there is at least one Entity Relationship model pattern that uses the ER notation.

 After the diagram / model is created, what is the next step to making it dynamic and/or ready for simulation?

We are planning a webinar session in this pre-release series that will address this point specifically.

Process Guidance

 Can we create our own process guidance?

Currently the Process Guidance page of the Model Wizard doesn't provide any customization function. In the future we may be able to incorporate these into MDG Technologies.

 Can "Process Guidance" be tailored for my organization's methodology? That is, can it be treated as a Best Practice Library? Is there a wizard to support tailoring?

As mentioned in another response, not yet. This may be possible in future.

 Process Guidance is a new feature in Enterprise Architect 14?


 Is it possible to define checklists (to define the steps that are required) and then create instances of those checklists so they can be reused - for example as part of a specific review activity?

That type of example – a review activity – suits the purpose of Checklists in Enterprise Architect well. Note, however, when you create a Checklist from a model pattern, you are creating a copy of the element, not an instance in the UML sense. Even if you create a Checklist directly using the Diagram Toolbox and then instantiate that element in the UML sense, you won’t get the Checklist steps automatically defined for the instance.

So at this stage Enterprise Architect doesn’t support the scenario you describe where a Checklist acts as a classifier for Checklist instances, and where each instance represents a unique review that uses the common steps defined by the Checklist classifier.

It’s an interesting request, which we’ll make known to our development team.

 Can we create documentation from process guidance?

Yes – the guidance is instantiated in the model just as a model pattern is. From the Process Guidance pattern, you can generate documentation in the usual ways.

Metamodel Views

 How can we include the Metamodel view in a profile definition?

We will demonstrate this in a future webinar.

 Can diagrams that have been created without the use of a pattern still have a meta-model view applied to them?


 Existing versions of Enterprise Architect include documentation to create an MDG with customized stereotypes, diagrams, and toolboxes. Can the customizations used to build the MDG be reused for creating metamodels?

Yes, the metamodel definition takes the form of additional connectors between your existing stereotypes and metaclass elements. The View definitions are additional elements with references to your stereotypes and metaclass elements. The only part of your existing profile that may not apply is an existing Quick Linker definition.

 I am relatively new to Sparx Systems. Is it possible for you to mention features in comparison to version 13 when you talk about it, because we have version 13 in the organization?

Comparative demonstrations sounds like a good idea. We will consider this – thanks for the suggestion.

 How do you define meta-model views? Can you give us an example?

This will be the focus of a future webinar.


 Does Version 14 support ArchiMate 3.0.1 standard or is it still 3.0?

We are working on ArchiMate 3.01 updates in conjunction with the EA 14 release. Whether those updates will be available on initial launch of version 14, however, is not yet determined.

The corrections made in the ArchiMate 3.01 specification will result in only a minor update to Enterprise Architect’s Diagram Toolbox for ArchiMate, but significant changes to the relationships offered by the Quick Linker – so they harmonize with the updated set of allowed relations in ArchiMate 3.01.

 Will Enterprise Architect 14 support SQL Server 2016?

In the context of database modeling, SQL Server 2016 is already supported, even though there is no specific DBMS language listed for it in Enterprise Architect. You can model your SQL Server 2016 database using the SQL Server 2012 DBMS language in Enterprise Architect as the modeling conventions are the same. In future, we may provide a flag so that your model can specify the target version of SQL Server.

 What facilities are available to model stateless and stateful elements - specifically to support functional programming in languages like OCaml?

Enterprise Architect does not specifically support functional programming languages at this stage.

 How do you ensure the order of elements for a class that has arrowed associations from one generation to the next? The "location" tagged value does not work. Is this issue solved in Enterprise Architect 14?

The XSD generation has been updated in version 14 to ensure a stable order for all members, and to make it easier to specify a partial or complete order using the position tagged value.

 Will Enterprise Architect 14 support SysML receptions?

Not in version 14.

 Does version 14 include new features for test management?

Not specifically for test management.

 What about the glossary in Enterprise Architect 14 – any changes?

Not in version 14.

 Are you updating the scripting engine? I think you use a really old version of VBScript?

We are not updating the scripting engine at this time. JavaScript and JScript are available in addition to VBScript.