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Enterprise Architect 14 is a major milestone release! Ahead of the official launch, we're providing a new webinar series focused exclusively on previewing the version 14 release.

In this first webinar, we provide an overview of version 14 and show you why Enterprise Architect 14 will make your modeling experience better than ever!

In this webinar:


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Session 1

Melbourne Tue 07 Nov 08:00 am
New York Mon 06 Nov 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Mon 06 Nov 13:00 pm
London Mon 06 Nov 21:00 pm
Auckland Tue 07 Nov 10:00 am

Session 2


Ben ConstableSparx Systems

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Presentation model: enterprise-architect-14-release-mind-map.eap Download links

Questions & Answers


We are planning to release version 14 during the first quarter of 2018. There will be a beta release beforehand.

When you buy an license Enterprise Architect license, you also get a support subscription that lets you download any new versions or minor releases for 12 months. So yes, you would be able to buy Enterprise Architect now (at version 13.5) and upgrade to version 14, because it will be released within 12 months.


Apart from the video recording, you can also download the mind map model that I used. Many of the concept elements have detailed notes about the corresponding feature.


The Perspectives button provides a Manage option, which you use to define your own Perspectives. Toolbox pages are enabled or disabled depending on which MDG Technologies you include as part of your Perspective.

The MDG Technologies don't define perspectives, but a perspective can reference user created MDG Technologies.

No. The existing options for disable technologies for a model will still work though, which means that regardless of the perspective, users won't be able to use something they shouldn't.

No. This isn't about restricting what a user can do. It's about allowing a user to focus.


Yes. Just add an RTF document in the same location as the XML file. An MDG Technology can also specify multiple groups as you see in our sample technologies.


Currently the Process Guidance page of the wizard doesn't provide any customization function. In the future we may be able to incorporate these into MDG Technologies.

No, filtering the content of the Project Browser is not supported.

Model Wizard patterns are normally distributed with an MDG technology. The patterns exist as separate XMI files from MDG Technology, and need to be copied to the EA ModelPatterns directory in your installation path.

Diagram Reader

No. Currently the Diagram Reader can sort contents using a left-right or top-down order.

No. Although the two views have many aspects in common, they serve different purposes. The Diagram Reader is specifically for editing some of the textual aspects of diagram elements in place, whereas the Specification Manager targets a package and its contents. The Specification Manager doesn't even rely on the package having any diagrams defined at all.

Metamodel Views

Yes, this will be possible.

Yes. The metamodel rules are included in a Profile, and are managed through an MDG Technology.

Creating a metamodel defines some model validation rules automatically. Currently this is limited to valid connector types between objects, object classifiers/types and object owners.

No specific FACE profile is provided with Enterprise Architect currently, though the FACE Consortium has used Enterprise Architect for development purposes. For details, see article:


Yes, in the sense that you can define Ribbon Sets to enable or disable items in each of Enterprise Architect's Ribbons. This will be available from the Start Ribbon | Perspective | Manage Perspectives | My Ribbon Sets. Note: Equivalent functionality is available in the current version of Enterprise Architect.

Yes. For details, see the Help topic Advanced Tag Management.


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