Introducing Enterprise Architect 15

Webinar July 2019
In this webinar:
  • Unleash your creativity with Custom Tables, Simple Drawing Styles, Custom Reports and more!
  • Discover all new productivity tools including the Data Miner, profiles for MARTE real-time, AWS & GCP to name a few
  • Leverage model-based add-ins, zero configuration deployment and new scripting tools
  • Experience hundreds of UI enhancements – from model browsing to property editing to the Diagram Matrix View and much more!

Version 15 combines an incredibly rich new palette of tools, visual improvements, team customizations, governance, accessibility, integrations, collaboration and deployment options that together will revolutionize and revitalize your modeling and design process.

A single tool to expertly cut across multiple domains and build a fully integrated, unified view of your business, your software, your systems, your processes, your enterprise and your world.

For more information on the release, please visit:

Scott Hebbard
Scott Hebbard

Questions from the Audience

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 Is the underlying Repository from Enterprise Architect 14 compatible with Enterprise Architect 15?

Yes. The repository remains unchanged between Enterprise Architect versions 14 and 15.

 When will Enterprise Architect 15 be released?

Enterprise Architect 15 has been officially released and is available for immediate download from the Registered Users section of the Sparx Systems website.

 Will Enterprise Architect continue to support Crossover for us Mac users (or alternatively, will there be a Mac version?)

Yes, Wine and Crossover will continue to be supported. No native Mac version will be made available.

 Does the QuickLinker now enable all permitted ArchiMate 3.0.1 relationships?

Yes. We have recreated the table precisely. Not only does the Quicklinker implement it, but it also does model validation.

 Do you support commonly known modeling notations: Information Engineering, Barker/Ellis, etc. Or just UML?

There are a lot of notations. Information Engineering is available in the diagram options, Barker/Ellis looks like the IDEFX.

 If we are using the DB repository in Enterprise Architect version 14, is there anything special that needs to be done to upgrade our model to Enterprise Architect 15?

No. Enterprise Architect uses the same underlying repository.

 Can you assign an image (like a jpg) to an element?

Yes, it is possible to assign alternative images under given conditions to elements. Read more about Alternative Images and the Image Manager at:

 Can you easily switch to/from (say) a traditional UML type diagram to/from a custom style?

We wouldn't recommend trying to use the same diagram in both styles. The layout information isn't going to be the same, and EA may change sizes to fit contents in the UML view. However, you can create two diagrams using the same elements.

 The presentation seemed to be very UML focused. Do you have the same type of emphasis for BPMN modeling and linking with other diagram types etc....?

The changes in the properties window are focusing more than ever on the applied profile, including BPMN. You'll find all your BPMN properties in the same window that allows you to edit the basic properties/ UML properties.

 Are Azure Icons coming?

The development team is currently investigating the possibility of creating a Technology for Azure icons that are similar to the AWS and Google Icon sets showcased in the webinar.

 Can the requirements be imported/exported to DOORS or similar software?


 If we have licenses for EA Version 14, can we upgrade at a reduced cost, or do we need to buy completely new license for 15?

If the end user has active subscription maintenance they access version 15 at no additional cost. If the subscription has lapsed they can purchase a subscription renewal which will allow the end user to access the latest installer. If your maintenance has expired, you can contact the Sales Team via to renew your subscription.

 In general it is possible to use version 14 and version 15 of Enterprise Architect on the same project?

Model elements that contain features introduced in versions 15 will not be visible for users with version 14. We recommend that all users are on the latest version of Enterprise Architect.

 How do we get access to the Enterprise Architect 15 Example model?

The Enterprise Architect Example Model comes pre-loaded with each EA installation. To open the updated example model for Version 15, go to the Start Ribbon in version 15 select Help → Open the Example Model.

 Is it possible to give permissions only to parts of a model for a user / user group?

Yes, it is possible to apply locks to groups. Go to the Configure Ribbon and select Security → Administer → Require User Lock to Edit. From the lock dialogue you can choose to apply the lock to a group. Alternatively, if you have Pro Cloud Server installed, you can also set visibility levels to restrict access to sections of a model:

 Can you import models from IBM Rational to EA 15?

Yes. Enterprise Architect offers XMI import/export, cloud-based integrations and and requirements import from IBM Rational DOORS.

XMI import functionality:

The Pro Cloud Server also provides integration functionality covering a numer of external providers:

MDG Link for DOORS


 Can you assign multiple bookmarks to an element?

No. While a diagram may contain many bookmarks, a single element can not contain more than one bookmark.

Custom Tables

 Can tables may be pasted in Excel?

No, not at this time.