Introducing Enterprise Architect 15.1

Webinar January 2020
In this webinar, we will show you how to:
  • Translate model information into multiple languages in real-time using online services.
  • Deploy Model Baselines for temporarily disconnected teams using the Reusable Asset Service.
  • Create a business vocabulary definition using the new model-based Project Glossary.
  • Utilize innovative features to provide insight to model content.

Experience a world with no boundaries, a single tool suite to expertly cut across multiple domains, languages and disciplines. The first webinar of the 15.1 series will introduce you to the key features that make up this release.

Scott Hebbard
Scott Hebbard

Webinar Resources

We have provided the presentation slide used in the demonstration.
Presentation Slide: introducing-enterprise-architect-151.pdf Download the presentation slides  - Introducing Enterprise Architect 15.1