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Learn how to use Enterprise Architect's 'MATLAB Solver' scripts, that call MATLAB functions, for calculating values in a behavioral model simulation.

In this example we use a MATLAB function for calculating the amount of solar radiation on a surface area, and then use that to derive the amount of power delivered from a solar cell of that size. We will use this function in a StateMachine simulation. Using this we will simulate starting and stopping a machine based on the calculated output of the panel.

We will also run the State Machine simulation from a Win32 window. That is, with the process being started from a button and the input details and results being exchanged via fields on that window.

In this webinar, you will learn how Enterprise Architect can be used to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Tue 10 Nov 09:00 am
New York Mon 09 Nov 17:00 pm
Los Angeles Mon 09 Nov 14:00 pm
Singapore Tue 10 Nov 06:00 am
London Mon 09 Nov 22:00 pm

Session 2


Dermot O'BryanSparx Systems
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

Enterprise Architect 15.2 Build 1555
Enterprise Architect 15.2 is required to use the MATLAB Solver. New integrations and Solver Classes were introduced upon the release of Enterprise Architect 15.2.

Solver classes let you invoke arbitrary mathematical functions from MATLAB or Octave at run time using a simple structured Solver API. Now you can link these powerful mathematical tools directly into your running simulation.
The two key Solvers that are supported are the MATLAB Solver and the Octave Solver. For more details see: Solvers
Enterprise Architect does not include a solver for OpenModellica, but rather it supports generating complex math, defined in SysML and SysPhS modeling, into a simulation in OpenModelica. For more details see: OpenModelica Integration
There is also support for working with complex mathematical equations using the in-built Cephes math routines. These can be applied in much the same way, but without a call to an external application through the Solver class. For more details see: JavaScript Math Library
See also some demonstrations of these on: Enterprise Architect 15.2 landing page
Yes. If you right-click on an Operation there is the 'Edit Behavior' option in the context menu.

You can also open the Properties for the Operation and in the Properties window there is the Behavior option on the left. Note that this does not provide the same editing features as the Alt+7 option.
Get the best of both worlds, with powerful modeling capabilities that leverage mathematical and plotting capabilities previously unavailable within Enterprise architect. This supports the Traceabiltiy from the requirements down, combining the State machines with UI design to tap into the power of mathematical calculation for simulating and plotting the results.
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