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This webinar introduces some of the new mathematical and simulation features available in Enterprise Architect 15.2. Learn how to use the new OMG standard for SysPhS to construct SysML models for simulation in third-party programs such as Matlab's Simulink and Modelica. We will look various SysPhS models, including a physical system model, which represents the physical flow of water from one tank to another via a pipe, in-order to help illustrate how some of the new features work.

Learn how to create new Solver classes in JavaScript. The solver can be used throughout the script or simulation to call Matlab functions, or to get or set variables in the Matlab workspace. Visualize and model your simulations, leveraging state of the art mathematical and simulation capabilities.

In this session, you will learn how to:


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Melbourne Wed 23 Jun 09:00 am
New York Tue 22 Jun 19:00 pm
Los Angeles Tue 22 Jun 16:00 pm
London Wed 23 Jun 00:00 am
Singapore Wed 23 Jun 07:00 am

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Steven HallSenior Software Engineer
Sparx Systems
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Example Model: math-solvers-sysphs-simulation-demo.feap Download links

Questions & Answers

For most cases the path to Matlab is detected automatically, and for Modelica is set to the default install path. If there are multiple versions of Matlab installed, or the automatic detection isn't working, the location can be overridden in the Configure SysML Simulation window. Select Modelica or Simulink from the drop-down, then drop down the left-most toolbar button and select 'Configure Simulation Solver' and enter the path to the binary location here, for example, "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2021a".
The Humidifier example model can be run as-is with Modelica selected and will generate the Modelica output files which show how the State Machine is implemented in OpenModelica.
The new functionality was first included with Enterprise Architect 15.2. Solvers require Coprporate, Unified or Ultimate edition. SysPhS simulation with Simulink or Modelica requires Unified or Ultimate edition. No extra MDG or other download is required.

For more information on editions and specific features, please refer to our Compare Editions page.
Compare Editions
First introduced in Enterprise Architect v15.2 (Build 1554), but we recommend using the latest version with various fixes and improvements.
Solvers and Simulations require Enterprise Architect desktop application to run. The SysML models can be shared and viewed in WebEA.
Matlab graphs can be saved as images by calling the Matlab command: 'exportgraphics' (in R2020b or later) or 'saveas' for earlier versions. This can be done directly with the Solver class, or for SysPhS simulation you can edit the SysMLSim Script template. The generated images can then be included in reports.
No, Simulations must be run from within Enterprise Architect via the Configure SysML Simulation window.
We don’t have an example specifically of solving a queueing problem, but if the system can be modeled in Simulink of Modelica then it can be be modeled in Enterprise Architect by referencing the Simulink blocks.
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