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Enterprise Architect 16 supports new and expanded collaboration tools that support a rich, co-operative team based approach to modeling, helping hybrid teams work from home or the office. These tools include Discussions, Model Mail, Journals, Auto-Refresh Diagrams, an expanded Review System, file sharing via Real-Time Chat and much more.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:


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Melbourne Wed 02 Feb 08:00 am
New York Tue 01 Feb 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Tue 01 Feb 13:00 pm
Singapore Wed 02 Feb 05:00 am
London Tue 01 Feb 21:00 pm

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Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

While we do not have an official Release date yet, the release Candidate was made available in early February 2022. Please refer to the Enterprise Architect 16 landing page for the latest information about the product release. The release landing page
Anyone can save changes to the diagram, even if they are not actively editing the diagram at the time using 'Pause and Edit'. The reason for this is so that specific items such as Attributes, Operations, etc. can be pushed through to all users. Multiple people can also have 'Pause and Edit' mode activate at the same time and be making changes, so there's no limitation on how many users can be editing the diagram at the same time.

If only a single user should be editing the diagram at a time, it's suggested that a user lock is applied to the diagram in question, this will prevent other people from modifying the diagram or enabling 'Pause and Edit' mode.

Please note, It is recommended that a user locks the diagram before editing, when the diagram is a shared resource. It is a common practice for users to lock a shared resource before editing.

To learn more, lease refer to :Auto Refresh
Yes, the staff members are defined as Security Users in the model repository. Please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic on how to enable security on a model repository. Enable/Disable Security
Once Security within the Model repository has been enabled, it is possible to manage, add and maintain users. These users can then leverage all of the Collaboration features mentioned in the webinar such as Model Mail, Chat, Discussions, reviews and much more. Maintain Users
Yes, the Pro Cloud Server does support various collaboration features, such as showing Comments, Chat, Reviews and Model Mail.

For more information, please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide on configuring WebEA, including configuration options for Chat, Model Mail and Reviews. Configure WebEA models - via Text Editor
Please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide on Reviews in WebEA, to see how Reviews are managed via the pro Cloud Server. Reviews in WebEA
There are 2 cases here.

First: Eliza is editing the diagram when someone enables Auto-Refresh. If this happens, then it'll work the same as if someone else had made any form of change to the diagram and saved it before she did. This action will lock the diagram and ask her to reload in this case. There is also a case where it will offer her the chance to override with her own changes.

Second: Eliza is using 'Pause and Edit' mode at the same time someone else is, in this case she won't be prompted that another user is editing the diagram or someone else has made changes until she goes to save the diagram, at this point she'll be prompted to indicate that someone else has edited the diagram and that she can override those changes with her own. Again as per the previous question it would be recommended that people set a user lock on a diagram their editing before enabling 'Pause and Edit' mode to prevent this from occurring.
Yes, if you are adding Element Discussions, any comments are lost when the associated Element is deleted. In situations where you do not want text deleted, it is better to use the Journal.

Please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide on Reviews in WebEA, to see how Reviews are managed via the pro Cloud Server. Comments
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