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As Systems and Systems of Systems are growing to accommodate modern and connected environments, take a step beyond textual requirements and explore a more comprehensive thought and analysis process using formal modeling methods.

While it is essential to document system requirements in human readable form especially when communicating with non-technical stakeholders, it is not enough to ensure that we are building the right system. For detailed requirement analysis, it is critical to capture requirements using formal modeling methods.

In this webinar for Systems Engineering in Enterprise Architect, you will learn to:


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Melbourne Thu 23 Jun 19:00 pm
Tokyo Thu 23 Jun 18:00 pm
Paris Thu 23 Jun 11:00 am
London Thu 23 Jun 10:00 am

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Nithiya Krishnan, CBAP® Business Solutions Architect
Sparx Systems
Professional profile Nithiya is a Certified Business Analysis Practitioner, with specialized skills in solutions for Business Analysis, Business Data Modeling, Business Intelligence and Information Architecture. She has experience in all phases of IT projects in a variety of industries with niche skill in Sparx Enterprise Architect.
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

Enterprise Architect 16, build 1605.
For more information on Enterprise Architect 16 or to download a copy of a free 30 day trial, please refer to : Enterprise Architect 16.0 Landing Page
Enterprise Architect provides a number of tools for tracing the definition and implementation of a process, from initial requirement to generated code or technical deployment. Some of the tools include the Relationship Matrix, Traceability Window, Relationship Window and Inspector Window, not to mention the creation of a Traceability diagram itself that outlines how to get from a concept and requirement through to code and implementation and back.

For more information, please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topics on Traceability and some of the additional links, tutorials and guide books below: Traceability Tools Traceability Inspector - Details Tools for Traceability in Enterprise Architect
Yes. Enterprise Architect models supports the generation of custom reports.

For more information, please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic: Custom Documents
A Custom Document is a variant of a Linked Document in which you can create a fully customized report on any set of ad hoc elements, diagrams or packages. Individually or in combination, from anywhere in the model, in any order you choose, and in any format and style you select or design. The granularity of the objects you choose depends entirely on how you want to your document to be populated. A Custom Document represents a range of model elements and their properties, and every time you open the document the content is dynamically refreshed from the model objects you have included and from the template instructions.

For more information, please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic: Manage Custom Documents
Using navigation cells in Enterprise Architect allows you to link to a diagram of significance to the user on a high-level diagram or home page diagram. This directs users to the areas of model they are interested in or responsible for. You can add several navigation cells to a diagram.

For more information see: Navigation Cells Image Assets Image Library Download
Yes, Enterprise Architect can automatically generated test cases from a Scenario with scenario specification in the structured scenario editor.

For more information, please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic: Generate Test Cases
For a deep dive, you may consider referring to the webinar :
Enterprise Architect for Business Analysis - Requirements Validation using Test Cases
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