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Enterprise Architect SaaS offers a cloud based deployment of Enterprise Architect modeling environments, allowing teams to quickly start and scale their modeling efforts without any internal operational overheads. Learn how current and new customers can benefit from the fully hosted and managed cloud offering.

This webinar will discuss various deployment options and best practices in Sparx Cloud platform deployments. Build highly secure, fast and reliable cloud solutions on AWS or Azure.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Tue 21 Feb 08:00 am
Chennai Tue 21 Feb 02:30 am
London Mon 20 Feb 21:00 pm
New York Mon 20 Feb 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Mon 20 Feb 13:00 pm

Session 2

Melbourne Wed 22 Feb 21:00 pm
Auckland Wed 22 Feb 23:00 pm
Singapore Wed 22 Feb 18:00 pm
Paris Wed 22 Feb 11:00 am
London Wed 22 Feb 10:00 am


Nizam MohamedSparx EA Consultant
Prolaborate Evangelist
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

You can learn more about Enterprise Architect SaaS via the Sparx Systems website: Enterprise Architect SaaS
For more information on the benefits of EA SaaS, please refer to the link below: Benefits of EA SaaS
To request a quote, please refer to the link below: EA SaaS Quote
To learn more about the features of each Enterprise Architect SaaS edition, please refer to the table below: Enterprise Architect SaaS – Editions
Yes. You can work with the same repository simultaneously from Enterprise Architect SaaS and the Enterprise Architect thick client.
When security is enabled in an Enterprise Architect model, it is necessary for each modeler to login to the model with a user name and password, or to gain access through one of the single sign on options supported (for example Active Directory). With security enabled, model Admin will assign each modeler and/or each modeling group various permitted functions/ Permissions.

The repository level user and user management for Enterprise Architect SaaS will be the same as the Thick client. You can provide the appropriate permissions to the specific user by following the instructions found in the link below: Configure Model Users
Yes, the EA SaaS environment has all of the features found within the Enterprise Architect thick client application. So you can have multiple repositories. All of the functionality and experience that you enjoy with Enterprise Architect will be available with Enterprise Architect SaaS, except the modeling tool will be streaming via a browser, providing additional a more flexible deployment option.
Enterprise Architect stores preferences, workspaces, themes and other custom settings and resources in two major locations; the Windows Registry and the Windows "Appdata" directory. These are robust and industry standard methods. However in some cases it is convenient to place this information in a more accessible and more manageable location, usually to allow easier management, duplication, and persistence across platforms. This allows EA SaaS to Decouple Enterprise Architect's major settings and persistent application data from the local system/hard drive(s).
Certainly, the EA SaaS environment has all of the features of a typical EA thick client application. All functionality and experience in EA stay the same except for streaming on a browser.
Absolutely, any identity provider that supports SAML 2.0 should be able to use the SSO integration.
Yes, the customer may easily pick and choose according to their requirements. Please submit your request at and we will assist you as needed.
You will have MDG support similar to the Enterprise Architect thick client depending on your Enterprise Architect licence Editions. All functionality and experience in Enterprise Architect will remain the same except for streaming via a Browser.
Yes, floating outside the window while using EA SaaS is supported. You can also extend a browser to appear on more than a single monitor.
Yes, it is possible to enable an Enterprise Architect add-in using EA SaaS, but this must be enabled at the cloud infrastructure level. Our team will assist you with enabling the addin in the EA Saas environment.
Yes, clients' Confluence deployments can be integrated with Enterprise Architect SaaS and the Sparx Systems Cloud Ecosystems.
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