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The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architecture Platform enables teams to model, integrate and collaborate. The platform comprises of Enterprise Architect, the comprehensive modeling environment, the Pro Cloud Server that enable seamless integration and secure cloud hosted environments and Prolaborate, the web platform for sharing, collaboration and analysis.

This webinar will discuss how this holistic platform will facilitate users to establish a comprehensive EA practice both in a greenfield implementation or in an existing team.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Wed 05 Aug 08:00 am
New York Tue 04 Aug 18:00 pm
Los Angeles Tue 04 Aug 15:00 pm

Session 2

Melbourne Wed 05 Aug 19:00 pm
Singapore Wed 05 Aug 17:00 pm
London Wed 05 Aug 10:00 am


Nizam MohamedSparx EA Consultant
Prolaborate Evangelist
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

Prolaborate provides an agile way to foster model based collaboration and lets modellers engage the wider business community. It offers the tools to share simplified view of model information and let teams work together to produce models that are accurate and up-to-date.

Learn more about Prolaborate, the sharing and collaboration software for Enterprise Architect:

WebEA provides a real-time view of content contained in an Enterprise Architect repository to be used by EA modellers with all the details and a look and feel very similar to EA to let them access models from a portable device.

Please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic for more information:
Web EA Quick Start Guide
It is not difficult to integrate Prolaborate with MS Azure AD. Comprehensive documentation and videos have been produced to take you through every step in the process. Read the documetation:
Prolaborate and Azure AD SAML Integration

Watch the corresponding YouTube video:
How to integrate Prolaborate with Azure Active Directory
Enterprise Architect databases are a repository of your modeling information, when these same EA databases are defined within the Pro Cloud Server the data contained within is opened up to a larger variety of products like WebEA and Prolaborate etc via its API based OSLC interface.

A Prolaborate database stores the configurations, reviews, discussions, dashboards, charts, matrices, etc used exclusively by Prolaborate.

Learn more about the technical architecture of Prolaborate:
Prolaborate Installation Guide
The integration is seamless, Single Sign On is setup if you want your clients or users to access the portal without any login step.
Yes. You can easily share live architecture and modelling information from your Enterprise Architect (EA) models to your Confluence pages using Prolaborate.

Learn more about the major capabilities:
Share Enterprise Architect Models in Confluence
Prolaborate can integrate with both server and cloud deployments on Confluence.

Learn more about the intergration on the Sparx Systerms Prolaborate website:
Enterprise Architect Confluence Integration
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