3 Architecture Visualizations to Wow Your Stakeholders

Webinar November 2019
In this webinar, we'll show you how to create:
  • Landscape Diagrams – A multi-level Landscape Diagram to illustrate how various artifacts are logically grouped in the Architecture landscape.
  • Roadmap Charts – A convenient way to communicate your projects, programs and portfolio outcomes to the business users and wider teams.
  • Bubble Charts – An extremely effective chart to visualize the business impact of applications and portfolios by plotting two critical attributes under consideration.

Create your first Enterprise Architecture Dashboard using Sparx Systems Prolaborate. This step-by-step tutorial will explore how to leverage the intuitive Dashboard and Chart designer to create dynamically refreshing dashboards using the three most important charts typically used for decision making.

For more information on Sparx Systems Prolaborate, or to book a product demonstration, please email:prolaborate@sparxsystems.com

Nizam Mohamed
Nizam Mohamed