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Business Capability Mapping is one of the key focus areas in Enterprise Architecture. This webinar will demonstrate how to model a comprehensive multi-level Business Capability map using the Sparx Systems Architecture Platform. Learn how to create Dashboards and design Reports to present Capability Hierarchy and Mapping.

In this session you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Wed 24 Feb 19:00 pm
New York Wed 24 Feb 03:00 am
Los Angeles Wed 24 Feb 00:00 am
Singapore Wed 24 Feb 16:00 pm
Bangalore Wed 24 Feb 13:30 pm
London Wed 24 Feb 08:00 am

Session 2


Nizam MohamedSparx EA Consultant
Prolaborate Evangelist
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers


Yes. The integration is available for Jira, DevOps, Doors, and many other tools.
Yes, the presentation can be downloaded from the link below:

PowerPoint : Business Capability Maps Using Sparx Systems Architecture Platform
Both on-premise and cloud options are available. Please refer to the links below for the different hosting options: Prolaborate on Premises Prolaborate and Enterprise Architect on Cloud
Yes. Prolaborate users can pick any artifact and create a new view or even use a pre-defined profile and create their own Impact Analysis. For example, show all Use Cases and Test Cases connected to a requirement.
Yes, Prolaborate is meant for sharing and Collaboration with external stakeholders To learn more, please review the following overview video of Prolaborate: Introduction to Sparx Systems Prolaborate Maximize the value of Enterprise Architecture
Please reach out to [email protected] to schedule a demo and learn more.
No. The Modelling Languages option is used to simplify the User Experience and User View.
Yes, it does and you can even navigate between Prolaborate and Enterprise Architect with ease.
The Model Integration for Microsoft® Office for Enterprise Architect enriches your documents and spreadsheets with tools for UML®, SysML, BPMN™ and many other modeling notations. MDG Office integration can be purchased as a addon in a standard amd Floating License. Model Integration for Microsoft® Office
Please refer to the Relationship Matrix documentation for more information: Relationship Matrix
Prolaborate makes it easier to share live architecture and modeling information from your Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (EA) models to other tools such as Confluence and Sharepoint.

For more information, please refer to Sparx Systems documentation on integration: Enterprise Architect and Confluence Integration
The following video also details how to establish Confluence integration: Sparx Enterprise Architect and Confluence Integration

Future Updates

This feature is in the list of items planned for future improvements.
No, we don’t have one yet, but this is a valid suggestion. We will pass this idea onto the product development team.
Not in the current view, but Prolaborate 4.0 (expected Mid May) is expected to have such sophistication.
Not at the moment, but a very valid suggestion. This is a feature currently under development.
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