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This webinar demonstrates how existing Sparx Systems customers can download, install and configure the Pro Cloud Server for free to enable remote collaboration.

Experience the benefits of improved performance, seamless collaboration, secure encrypted communication, project management capabilities, integrated project communication and team review facilities.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Thu 16 Apr 08:00 am
Los Angeles Wed 15 Apr 15:00 pm
New York Wed 15 Apr 18:00 pm
London Wed 15 Apr 23:00 pm

Session 2


Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Prolaborate Overview: prolaborate-overview.pdf Download links

Questions & Answers

In Gereral

The Enterprise Architect User Guide contains a comprehensive installation guide below:

During the webinar we used the Pro Cloud Server v4.1.44, which was released in March of 2020. To learn more about the history of the Pro Cloud Server releases please refer to the release notes below:

No. The Pro Cloud Server can be installed by any Enterprise Architect user with valid maintenance. Tokens are used to enable access points to Integration connections, WebEA, translation capabilities and Prolaborate.

For more information on Tokens and Pricing for the pro cloud server, please refer to the Sparx Systems website below:

A single token will provide access to Integrations, WebEA or Prolaborate. Two tokens will provide two such access points. The tokens can be used for any purpose - and is managed by the administrator using WebConfig.

Please refer to the Enterprise Architect user guide topic on Token Allocation for more information.

An Enterprise Architect licence with valid maintenance. This allows existing Sparx systems customers with a current maintenance subscription can download and install the Pro Cloud Server for free and enjoy the benefits of remote collaboration.

The Pro Cloud Server installer can be downloaded from the 'Registered User' section of the Sparx Systems website.

For a comprehensive list of features, please refer to the link below:

Connecting to a Pro Cloud Server provides a number of key benefits, including but not limited to:

1. The Pro Cloud Server provides benefits to connections that have high latency and reduced data transfer speeds.
2. The Pro Cloud server can be configured to connect to the required database by the administrator. Users then use the Enterprise Architect client to connect to the model or through the WebEA interface.
3. The Pro Cloud Server can be run from inside the corporate firewall. All model connections are created using HTTP/S, allowing firewalls to completely isolate your database server.
4. A Pro Cloud Server can be configured to encrypt all communication. Using standard TLS/SSL protocols, you can be confident that your data is not intercepted during transmission on insecure networks.
5. A Pro Cloud Server can be configured to provide HTTP-level authorization to any model taken directly from the model user list. Even when the model is exposed on a public network, you can be assured that only authorized users are able to access your model.
6. A Pro Cloud Server can be configured to provide read-only access to any model; for example, read-only access for clients required to review a model.

The Sparx Systems Key Store server has been available for many years, providing users of Enterprise Architect with the ability to manage their floating licenses. Up until version 2.1 of Pro Cloud Server, Floating License functionality was only offered as an independent Microsoft Windows service. Now it is integrated with the Pro Cloud Server, and users only have to install, configure and maintain one Microsoft Windows Service for all their Enterprise Architect needs.

For more information, please refer to the Enterprise Architect User Guide topic on Floating license Server Connections:

The 'Visibility Levels' feature made available using Pro Cloud Server provides the ability to restrict access by database user to certain sections of a model. The database ensures that users can only view and update data they are authorized to access. Working in conjunction with Enterprise Architect's model security, the Visibility Level feature provides up to 20 'levels' of security via a selection of base scripts, or customized according to requirements of the project.

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