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Join us as we preview new collaboration and review tools for model-based discussions in Enterprise Architect and WebEA. Supporting mobile devices and large-scale teams, these new collaboration capabilities ensure all stakeholders can contribute to modeling projects from anywhere in the world!

In this session, you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Thu 13 Apr 08:00 am
New York Wed 12 Apr 18:00 pm
Los Angeles Wed 12 Apr 15:00 pm
London Wed 12 Apr 23:00 pm
Auckland Thu 13 Apr 10:00 am

Session 2


Ben ConstableSparx Systems

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Questions & Answers


Enterprise Architect 13.5 or later is required to use the Reviews tab and tools associated with the Reviews profile. There will be some backward compatibility, however, such that earlier versions of Enterprise Architect can still read models that contain Review elements. A separate MDG Technology download will be available for older versions to provide as a plug-in extension to support rendering of Review elements on diagrams.

Review elements are supported in the Corporate and higher editions of Enterprise Architect. Also the EA Lite (read-only) edition allows users join and contribute to discussions, but they cannot create Review elements.

No. The WebEA interface is provided with the new Pro Cloud Server. It is a separately licensed, sever-based component for team-based deployments of Enterprise Architect.

This will be made known closer to official release.

Update: Pricing is now available from the Pro Cloud Server web page:

Add-ons will be made available for this purpose in the future. Also note: The Web API for the Pro Cloud server is based on OSLC, so this facilitates third-party extensions as well.

We expect both Enterprise Architect 13.5 and the Pro Cloud Server to be released together during Q2, 2017.s

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