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Solutions for every sector with Enterprise Architect

"Since August 2000, Sparx Systems has been a leading vendor of innovative solutions based on UML 2.5 as well as an active supporter and early integrator of open standards that drive growth in all areas of Government, Education and the Corporate sectors."
"The Enterprise Architect platform is essential for your lifecycle development needs."

Sparx Systems has a strong commitment to bringing UML 2.5 design concepts and power to a wide range of industry sectors including the Commercial, Government and Educational sectors. Being able to abstract a problem domain into a well-understood model, and from there move to a concrete solution/implementation is a powerful process that has wide application in many areas. UML, although originally conceived as a software design and development language, also has a lot to offer in other domains where modeling and abstraction are key processes.

Enterprise Architect's principle objective is to provide a design and modeling tool to provide development solutions across all sections of business modeling, application design and implementation. From the single analyst to large and distributed teams, Enterprise Architect has the solution and the capability to enhance your productivity and move your development into standards based UML.

The following solution pages provide an overview of the use of Enterprise Architect in different Sectors: