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Business Analyst

Enterprise Architect for Business Analyst roles

"Facilitating the core strengths of the UML 2.5 standard, Enterprise Architect provides the ultimate platform for modeling businesses. Utilisation of powerful open standards such as BPMN, BPEL and BPSim opens up a world of functionality for designing globally connected businesses of the future."

A Business Analyst may use Enterprise Architect to create high-level models of business processes. These include business requirements, activities, work flow, and the display of system behavior. Using Enterprise Architect, a Business Analyst can describe the procedures that govern what a particular business does. Such a model is intended to deliver a high-level overview of a proposed system.

Business Analyst

Model High Level Business Processes

With Enterprise Architect the Business Analyst can model high level processes of the business with Analysis Diagrams. Analysis Diagrams are a subset of UML 2.1 Activity Diagrams and are less formal than other diagram types, but they provide a useful means for expressing essential business characteristics and needs.

Model Requirements

Modeling requirements is an important step in the implementation of a project. Enterprise Architect allows users to define the requirement elements, link requirements to the model elements for implementation, link requirements together into a hierarchy, report on requirements, and to move requirements into and out of model element responsibilities.

Model Business Activities

The Business Analyst can use Activity Diagrams to model the behavior of a system and the way in which these behaviors are related to the overall flow of the system. Activity diagrams do not model the exact internal behavior of the system but show instead the general processes and pathways at a high level.

Model Work Flow

To visualize the cooperation between elements involved in the work flow, the Business Analyst may use an Interaction Overview Diagram. With the Interaction overview diagram the Business Analyst can obtain an overview of sub activities that are involved in a system.

Display System Behavior

Displaying the behavior of a system as a Use Case gives the Business Analyst an easily understood tool for mapping the functional requirements and behavior of a system.

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