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Deployment and Rollout

Enterprise Architect for Business Analyst roles

"The Enterprise Architect platform is perfectly suited to the deployment and rollout of technologies within corporate evironments. With Unified Modeling Language 2.5 as it's core, one can visually model corporate infrastructures such as networks or workstations, thereby able to be more efficiently managed."

The tasks involved in the deployment and rollout of a project can be modeled within Enterprise Architect. Network administrators can use deployment diagrams to display the network deployment. Workstation deployment can also be modeled using deployment diagrams. Maintenance tasks can be added to UML elements by users involved in project deployment.

Display Network Deployment

The Network Administrator can use deployment diagrams to provide a static view of the run-time configuration of nodes on the network, and the components that run on the nodes.

Work Station Deployment

By using deployment diagrams it is possible to detail the process of deploying workstations. Deployment Diagrams provide a static view of the run-time configuration of workstations and the components that are used in the workstations.


Enterprise Architect allows the user to track and assign maintenance related items to elements within Enterprise Architect. This allows for the rapid capture and record keeping of maintenance tasks such as issues, changes, defects and tasks. By providing a centralized facility for each element involved in the deployment process Enterprise Architect offers a powerful solution for tracing the maintenance of the items and processes involved in system deployment.


Learn how to create and work on maintenance items, manage changes, defects and issues.
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Deployment of Enterprise Architect - designed for use within large corporate environments.
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