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Project Manager

Enterprise Architect for Project Management roles

"With cutting-edge functionality specifically designed for project management, Enterprise Architect delivers a set of features that ensures all stakeholders are continually 'on the same page' and are able to be managed and communicated to seamlessly."

Enterprise Architect provides strong support for managing your project. Project Managers can use Enterprise Architect to estimate project size, measure risk and effort, and assign resources to elements. Enterprise Architect also provides support for testing, change control and maintenance.

Metrics and Estimation

Project estimation is working out how much time and effort is required to build and deploy a solution. Enterprise Architect provides the Use Case metrics facility as a means of measuring the complexity of a system and getting an indication of the effort required to implement the model, and the project timescale. You base these estimates on carefully-calibrated metrics.

Resource Management

Resources are the people who work on a project. You can assign roles to them and allocate tasks on specific model elements, which enables tracking of effort and estimation of time to complete.

Project Maintenance

During a project you monitor and manage the development and progress of individual model elements. You can record problems, changes, issues and tasks that affect these individual elements as they arise, and document the solution and associated details.

Similarly, Enterprise Architect helps you to manage changes and issues that apply to the whole system.

Project Tasks and Issues

In the course of a project, there are various non-technical tasks that are vital to the successful management and completion of the project, such as meetings. Enterprise Architect helps you to record and monitor these, and to manage non-technical project issues as they arise.


Enterprise Architect enables you to create and manage test scripts for model elements, covering unit, integration, scenario, system and acceptance tests. You can import tests from other elements, generate them from scenarios, and generate test documentation and reports. You can also indicate the presence of tests on an element by displaying test information on the element in a diagram.

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Use Enterprise Architect to manage projects and assign resources, measure risk and estimate projects.
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