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Validating ArcGIS Geodatabase Schemas in UML

Enterprise Architect helps you to design ArcGIS geodatabase schemas and to generate the corresponding XML Workspace documents. Workspace documents can then be imported into ArcCatalog to implement the geodatabase. Before generating and importing the schema, however, you should ensure that the original model is free of errors. Enterprise Architect now provides a built-in model validation feature for this purpose.

For instructions on how how to validate your ArcGIS geodatabase schema, see the Help topic Validate an ArcGIS Workspace.

For a complete list of the model validation rules supported by Enterprise Architect, see our table of model validation rules.

We have made available the source code for our model validation script, so you can customize the validation routine to suit your project! For instructions on how to deploy a custom (or updated) version of the script or to download the source code, see our model validation script page.