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Spatial Information Modeling with GML and ArcGIS

Part of the "Enterprise Architect in 30 minutes" tour

Enterprise Architect supports model-based engineering of spatial data and geodatabase designs to aid development of geographic information systems (GIS). Interoperable spatial data is modeled in Enterprise Architect using Open Geospatial Consortium's Geography Markup Language (GML).

You can also design commercial geospatial databases specifically for the ArcGIS platform developed by Esri Inc. Enterprise Architect provides a built-in UML profile for ArcGIS, which means your spatial database design is directly traceable to your corporate information model and leverages industry standard modeling notation. You can export geodatabase models to ArcCatalog as an XML Workspace document that contains feature class definitions, feature datasets, spatial references, domains and more.

Existing spatial databases can be documented and visualized with ease - simply pass the XML Workspace document to Enterprise Architect and reverse engineer the ArcGIS geodatabase schema!

Enterprise Architect supports the latest ArcGIS 10.1 platform and the GML 3.2.1 specification.

The UML Profile for GML was released as a beta implementation with Enterprise Architect 10.0.

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