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Heat Maps in Enterprise Architect

Have you ever wanted to:
  • Analyse your data by visual aggregation, relevance or pattern detection?
  • Visualize relationships between operational and business activities?
  • Absorb information in new ways?
  • Identify emerging trends with ease and respond quickly?
  • Interact directly with your data?
  • Communicate with a new business language?

You can:

Enterprise Architect supports Heat Map chart layout, which uses the color, size and grouping of cells to represent specific aspects of a data set. This extends Enterprise Architects Bar chart, Column chart and Pie chart features.

Heat Maps in Enterprise Architect
Heat Maps in Enterprise Architect

Heat Maps Benefits

Heat Maps can be used to visualize model elements, custom SQL or CSV data in an easy to read format. Use simple visual cues, such as color and relative size, to convey information that can facilitate decision making, identify risk and improve analysis.

Heat Maps in Enterprise Architect

Data Detection

With Heat Maps, Enterprise Architect users can focus on the most relevant data by combining color, size and grouping. Easily identify key dimensions such as urgency and importance and detect anomalies that would otherwise be hidden.

  • Identify business areas that will provide the best return on investment in terms of human and financial resources.
  • Diagnose underperforming business segments or architecture, then develop and implement appropriate intervention strategies.
  • Communicate areas of importance to all key stakeholders before they appear on balance sheets or productivity reports.

Heat Map Uses

  • Track, monitor and assess the success or failure of various activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal.
  • Display metrics to quantify the cost and the impact of programs and processes. Measure the success or failure of initiatives. Track year on year trends and changes in these critical variables.
  • Manage Application and Hardware portfolio easily identifying legacy systems and the cost associated with the system.
Heat Maps in Enterprise Architect
Heat Maps in Enterprise Architect