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Model Driven Architecture

Part of the "Enterprise Architect in 30 minutes" tour

Enterprise Architect provides the capability of executing Model Driven Architecture (MDA) transforms. It provides a fully configurable method of converting model elements and model fragments from one domain to another. This typically involves converting Platform-Independent Model (PIM) elements to Platform-Specific Model (PSM) elements. A single element from the PIM could be responsible for creating multiple PSM elements across multiple domains.


Transformations are a huge productivity boost, and reduce the need to manually implement stock classes and elements for a particular implementation domain. For example, database tables can be automatically derived from persistent PIM classes.

Enterprise Architect's MDA capabilities allow you to:

  • Leverage built-in transformations to automatically derive:
    • Data Models (DDL)
    • Code Models, including C# and Java
    • XML models, such as XSD and WSDL
    • Test Models for JUnit and Nunit
    • Activity diagrams and test scripts from Structured Use Case Scenarios
  • Define new transformations using a powerful, template driven approach
  • Repeat transformations to ensure consistency between source and target models as they change over time.
Model Driven Architecture in Enterprise Architect
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