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Test Management

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Enterprise Architect helps you to define test specifications, execute tests and record results directly from model elements. Keeping model elements and testing documentation in one integrated model can significantly improve the communication between quality assurance teams, software developers, analysts and architects.

Tools for Testing

Enterprise Architect provides the tools you need for numerous test-related activities including:

  • Testpoint management, which provides powerful model-based test execution. You can define Testpoints on your system design elements, execute these in the modeling environment and record the results in real-time as your application runs - without the need to manually construct test harness code. Testpoints can also be aggregated into reusable Test Suites, saving you valuable time.
  • Test specification: You can attach detailed test specifications to any element in Enterprise Architect, along with a record of test results, when tests were last run, and by whom. Unit, System, Integration, Acceptance and Scenario tests can all be captured and reported on, providing tight traceability between architecture and test information. Enterprise Architect can even automatically generate test cases from your structured Use Case scenarios!
  • JUnit and NUnit support: Enterprise Architect provides model transformations that automatically create testing elements from your system design elements. Code stubs can then be automatically generated by Enterprise Architect, allowing you to focus on defining the testing logic. You can compile, execute and record test results using your unit testing program, all without leaving Enterprise Architect.

Enterprise Architect is not only a modeling environment, it is also a complete Test Management environment.

Test Management in Enterprise Architect
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Unit testing integrated into the modeling-development cycle

One of the key principles of unit testing is that you should always write your tests first. Enterprise Architect helps you to do this. When you add a new method to a class, run the test case transformation on the class. Enterprise Architect creates a corresponding test method that you can generate and fill in the details. This can easily be done before the code you are testing has been created.