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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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As an Add-In writer you can distribute keys to your Add-In via the Enterprise Architect Keystore, provided that your keys are added using a prefix that allows the system to identify the Add-In to which they belong. EA_GetSharedAddinName is called to determine what prefix the Add-In is using. If a matching key is found in the keystore the 'License Management' dialog will display the name returned by EA_AddinLicenseGetDescription to your users. Finally, when the user selects a key, that key will be passed to your Add-In to validate by calling EA_AddinLicenseValidate.


Function EA_GetSharedAddinName (Repository as EA.Repository) As String



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Direction: IN

Description: An EA.Repository object representing the currently open model. Poll its members to retrieve model data and user interface status information.

Repository Class

Return Value

A String containing a product name code for the provided Add-In, such as MYADDIN. This will be shown in plain text in any keys added to the keystore.


Shared Add-In keys have the format:


  • EASK - Constant string that identifies a shared key for an Enterprise Architect Add-In
  • YOURCODE - The code you select and verify with us:
         -  Displayed to the administrator of the keystore
         -  Recommended length of 6-10 characters
         -  Contains ASCII characters 33-126, except for '-' (45)
  • REALKEY - Encoding of the actual key or checksums
         -  Recommended length of 8-32 characters
         -  Contains ASCII characters 33-126

We recommend that you contact Sparx Systems directly with proposed values to ensure that you don't clash with any other Add-Ins.

For example, these keys would all be interpreted as belonging to an Add-In returning MYADDIN from this function:

  • EASK-MYADDIN-{7AC4D426-9083-4fa2-93B7-25E2B7FB8DC5}
  • EASK-MYADDIN-7AC4D426-9083-4fa2-93B7
  • EASK-MYADDIN-2hDfHKA5jf0GAjn92UvqAnxwC13dxQGJtH7zLHJ9Ym8=

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