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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Create File Artifacts

A File Artifact is an Artifact element that represents and is linked to an external file. You can create the Artifact element on a diagram, from the file itself.

Create the Artifact



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Locate the file in a file list (such as Windows Explorer) or on your Desktop. Drag the file onto your diagram.

A context menu displays.


Click on the menu option you need:

  • 'Hyperlink' - to create a Hyperlink element on the diagram; you can select a sub-option to define whether users, when they double-click on the Hyperlink, will either just display the file content or open it within the appropriate file editor
  • 'Artifact External' - to create an Artifact element on the diagram; the element 'Properties' dialog displays, in which you enter any element properties you need
    Save the data you have entered and close the 'Properties' dialog (note that the file name becomes the element name)
    If you double-click on the Artifact the 'Properties' dialog redisplays; click on the 'Files' tab to see the file pathname listed in the 'Files' panel, from which you can launch it in its registered application
  • 'Artifact Internal' - to immediately create an Artifact element on the diagram with the file name as the element name
    The file is stored in your model, but is managed by the registered external application for the file type; if you double-click on the Artifact, the file is opened within its external application
    If the file is changed, you are prompted to update the element within the model - click on the Save button to update the element, or on the Discard button to ignore the changes
  • 'Insert' - (graphics files) to insert the file into the diagram as a filled Boundary element; double-click on the image to display the Boundary 'Properties' dialog


  • This feature is available in all editions of Enterprise Architect

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