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Intelli-sense is a feature that provides choices of code items and values as you type. Not all code editors use Intelli-sense; for example, Intelli-sense is disabled while you record a macro in the Source Code Viewer.

Intelli-sense provides you with context-based assistance through autocompletion lists, calltips and mouseover information.




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Autocompletion List

An autocompletion list provides a list of possible completions for the current text;the list is automatically invoked when you enter an accessor token (such as a period or pointer accessor) after an object or type that contains members.

Auto completion while editing code

You can also invoke the autocompletion list manually by pressing Ctrl+Space; the Code Editor then searches for matches for the word leading up to the invocation point.

Select an item from the list and press the Enter key or Tab key to insert the item into the code; to dismiss the autocompletion list, press Esc.


Calltips display the current method's signature when you type the parameter list token (for example, opening parenthesis); if the method is overloaded, the calltip displays arrows that you can use to navigate through the different method signatures

Function call tip while editing

Mouseover Information

You can display supporting documentation for code elements (for example, attributes and methods) by hovering the cursor over the element in question.

Annotation information of attribute while using mouse

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