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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Diagram Options

When generating reports on a Package that includes diagrams, you can set options in each diagram's 'Properties' dialog to define whether that diagram is to be included in the report and, if so, how it is to be represented.



Design > Diagram > Edit > Properties > Diagram

Context Menu

Right-click on diagram background | Properties > Diagram

Document Options



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Exclude Image from RTF Documents

Select this checkbox to exclude the image of the this diagram from any document reports.

Document Each Contained Element in RTF

Select this checkbox to include, in the report, details of any elements that belong in other (external) Packages but that form part of this diagram within the Package being reported on; the report includes external elements in each diagram on which you have selected the checkbox.

On the 'Generate Documentation' dialog, the 'Include all Diagram Elements in Report' checkbox defaults to selected to include external elements for every diagram checked by the report; therefore, to include external elements only for specific diagrams, deselect that checkbox.

In either case, you must enable the Package.Diagram.Element and Package.Element sections in your (customized) document generation templates in order to include this external element information in the report.

Generate Documentation Report Elements From External Packages

Divide Diagram Into Multiple Pages

If the diagram is large, select this checkbox to divide the diagram into separate pages in the document report.

This option is only effective when the 'Scaled Printing' option on the 'Print Advanced' dialog is set to 'None'.

Scaled Printing Option

Rotate Images

Select this checkbox to rotate each diagram image by 90 degrees in the document report; this is only valid for bitmap (.bmp) images.

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