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Connector Appearance Options

The 'Appearance' section of the connector context menu provides a number of options.

Appearance Options



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Set the line color and line thickness of the connector.


Set connector visibility; see the Visibility Sub-Menu table for sub-menu options.

Tidy Line Angles

Tidy the line angles of a custom connector.

Tidy the line angles

Visibility Sub-Menu



See also

Hide Connector

Hide the connector.

To show the connector again, follow the steps in the Hide/Show Connectors topic.

Hide/Show Connectors

Hide Connector in Other Diagrams

Hide or show the connector in other diagrams.

Hide/Show Connectors

Hide All Labels

Hide or show all labels attached to the connector.

Set Label Visibility

Hide or show labels attached to the connector, individually.

Hide or show labels


  • Context menus vary slightly between connector types, and not all menu options are present on all connector context menus; the type-specific menu options are not always included