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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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A bookmark is a visual clue that something is different about an element; it is represented by a small red triangle (or red Delta symbol) that displays above the element in the diagram or Model Search.

A diagram object in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect showing a red triangle indicating that the element has been bookmarked.

You can assign any meaning to the bookmark as is appropriate to your model.

You can bookmark:

  • Single elements manually, or
  • All elements in a Package automatically when they assume a defined status

Bookmark Options



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Bookmark a selected element in a diagram


  • Press Shift+Space, or
  • Select the 'Design > Element > Edit > Bookmark' ribbon option

Clear a bookmark on a selected element

Use either of the two options again.

Bookmark Multiple Elements in a Package

Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Contents | Bookmarks

The 'Manage Bookmarks' dialog displays, which you can use to automatically bookmark any elements (and, if required, their children) in the Package that have:

  • New changes defined in the Maintenance window
  • New defects defined in the Maintenance window, and/or
  • Test scripts defined in the Testing window

This is useful to highlight elements that have additional project information.

Clear all elements of bookmarks

To clear all bookmarks:

  • Throughout the current Package, click on the Clear All button on the 'Manage Bookmarks' dialog
  • In the current diagram, select the bookmarked elements and then press Shift+Space


  • You should reload the project to update it with the new or cleared bookmarks
  • The Find in Project window provides the facility to search based on bookmarked elements

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