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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Construct Ribbon

The 'Construct' ribbon presents the tools and facilities for visualizing and managing the tasks and the resources needed to construct a system, from the allocation of human resources to tasks, to the powerful Kanban boards and Gantt chart for visualizing the progress of work done. Teams can collaborate directly in the tool and manage a wide range of variations to model elements - including Issues and Defects - and tests can be defined and results recorded.

Part of the Construct ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Part of the Construct ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.




Task Management

The 'Task Management' panel is a collection of tools for managing human resources and their allocation to elements that represent tasks to be completed. Kanban diagrams can be used to visualize boards of elements and a Gantt chart shows the duration of assigned tasks and other important views. The Resource Allocation window is used to assign resources to elements representing work to be done. There are several searches that list a variety of useful views, such as Overdue Tasks, Tasks Starting Today, and more.


The 'Testing' panel is used for creating and managing all aspects of testing. The Testing window conveniently collects all the tests for an element, and allows new tests to be created and existing ones to be managed. The tests can be fully described and Inputs, Acceptance Criteria, Results, Status and more can be defined for each test. There are several predefined searches that can be run to find recent test results, such as the recent test that have passed. A configurable Test Report can also be generated, creating a single document that describes all tests or any combination of tests.

Change Management

The 'Change Management' panel is used for describing important items that apply to an element. Enterprise Architect is a powerful platform for managing any initiative and can keep track of variations in the life time of any element. Regardless of the methods or processes that are being used elements such as Requirements, User Stories, Business Rules, Components and others will change, have issues, require tasks, have defects and events and decisions will be made about them. All of these variations can be created and managed and a series of useful searches are conveniently made available to find items such as recently requested changes, incomplete tasks and many more.


The 'Status' panel provides facilities for obtaining an overview of the project status, including Quality Assurance reports, Task and Issue reports, and project Use Case Metrics.

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