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Status Panel

The 'Status' panel provides facilities for obtaining an overview of the project status.

Part of the Construct ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Available Facilities



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QA Report

Click on this icon to display the QA Reports view, which has separate tabs that enable you to run and display these system-provided status reports:

  • Testing Details
  • Maintenance Details
  • Dependency Details
  • Implementation Details
Testing Details Report Implementation Details Report Dependency Details Report Maintenance Report

Task & Issues

Click on this icon to access the Project Status view, which provides tabs that summarize the status of each task or issue that relates directly to the current project, and a third tab that summarizes the statistics of the project.

Review the project statistics, on the 'Project Statistics' tab. This simply lists the numbers of Packages, diagrams, elements, connectors, elements of each type and element features of each type in the project.

For certain items, such as element risks, metrics and effort, if there are no instances of that particular object type it is still listed but with a count of 0.

The Project Status View Use Case Estimation System Documents

Use Case Metrics

Click on this icon to display the QA Reports view at the Use Case Metrics tab, to calculate Use Case metrics for the model.

Use Case Estimation

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