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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Start Ribbon

The 'Start' ribbon provides a range of facilities for exploring, navigating and viewing the information in the repository. These include tools to navigate and search for items, to view the important events, messages, discussions and work that is relevant to a modeler on a given day, and to view and change your workspace settings, including styles and preferences. This ribbon also provides access to the Help facilities, including registering licence keys and checking for updates.

Part of the Start ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Part of the Start ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.




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You can use the 'Explore' panel to navigate the repository and explore its contents. Most repositories will contain thousands - if not tens of thousands - of elements, and having tools to navigate through and locate items of interest is critical when working in the repository. There are a number of Browsers that are tree views, showing the hierarchical relationships of Packages (folders), elements, diagrams, features, resources, views, items and more. The 'Properties' option provides access to a collection of windows that provide information about the model and system activity. They provide a rich set of methods for viewing information about elements as you navigate through them in diagrams or the Project Browser. The Notes window provides descriptive text, the Summary window lists the important aspects of an element and the Properties window provides details of an element's metadata and more. The 'Trace' option provides facilities for following relationships and linkages between elements through the model. The Search helps you to find elements, diagrams and Packages regardless of their location.

Explore Panel


The 'View' panel helps you to define the look and feel of the application, setting preferences that change the style of the interface to suit the work role you are performing. You can define any number of workspace layouts, saving sets of windows that are specific to a role that ultimately increases your productivity as a modeler. There is a wide range of preferences you can set to tailor the way the application behaves under your login, including setting colors, fonts and diagram styles.

View Panel


Enterprise Architect is a powerful collaboration platform and allows any number of people to work on models and diagrams at the same time, in a cooperative and team effort. The collaboration tools include Reviews and Discussions of elements, the Team Library, Model Mail - which contains messages from other modelers - the Project Calendar listing important events, the 'My Journal' daily reminder facility, Gantt Charts listing work allocations and Kanban diagrams where tasks are presented.  The tools ensure that communication about the elements, diagrams, lists and matrices are available in the model and links can be created back to these items from the collaboration tools. The 'Collaborate' panel conveniently brings these tools together, ensuring that you are informed about what you need to attend to and made aware of information that is important to your role.

Collaborate Panel


The 'Help' panel provides access to the powerful Help system and to a wide range of on-line facilities to support your use of the tool, including the management of Licence Keys. The Help system contains both overviews of functional areas of the application and detailed topics on how to use specific tools, helping you to be highly productive. The Help is normally accessed as an on-line, web-based system, but you can select to download the file-based Help to provide a local Help system. You can also open the Learning Center library, which provides user-focused guidance for common tasks.

Help Panel

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