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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Collaborate Panel

Enterprise Architect is a powerful collaboration platform and allows any number of people to work on models and diagrams at the same time, in a cooperative and team effort. The collaboration tools include Reviews and Discussions of elements, the Team Library, Model Mail - which contains messages from other modelers - the Project Calendar listing important events, the 'My Journal' daily reminder facility, Gantt Charts listing work allocations and Kanban diagrams where tasks are presented.  The tools ensure that communication about the elements, diagrams, lists and matrices are available in the model and links can be created back to these items from the collaboration tools. The 'Collaborate' panel conveniently brings these tools together, ensuring that you are informed about what you need to attend to and made aware of information that is important to your role.

Part of the Start ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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Displays either the Discussions window (main icon), on which you can manage current discussions of elements and diagrams, or a menu (drop-down arrow) providing these options:

  • Discuss - to display the Collaborate window at the 'Discuss' tab, on which you can create a new discussion or add to an existing discussion on a specific element or diagram
  • Discussion History - to display the Discussions window, on which you can manage the separate discussions of elements recorded in the model
  • Find Recently Discussed Elements - to run a report that presents elements that have been the subject of discussion in the last x days (you specify the number of days in the 'Search Term' field)
  • Chat - to display the Collaborate window at the 'Chat' tab, ready to participate in an exchange of brief comments on any point, with members of one of the defined user security groups
  • Chat History - executes a report that lists all Chat items recorded over the specified period (default 3 days); you can filter the Chat items by Discussion Group in the report
  • Help - to display the Informal Discussions Help topic
Informal Discussions


Displays either the Collaborate window (main icon), on which you can set up and manage reviews of elements or diagrams, or a menu (drop-down arrow) providing these options:

  • Review - to display the Collaborate window at the 'Review' tab, on which you can join a review and create new discussion points or responses within that review, on any element or diagram
  • Review History - to display the Reviews window at the 'History' tab, showing the elements included in a selected review; you can switch to the 'Details' tab to show the details of a selected reviewed element
  • All Reviews - to display the Reviews window, listing all current and recent reviews of elements
  • Help - to display the Formal Review Elements Help topic
Formal Review Elements

Team Library

Click on this icon to open the Team Library, which you use to review and add to a hierarchically-structured repository of comments, reports, reviews and documents on any structure, feature or aspect of the project or of other, related projects.

Team Library


The Model Mail facility provides you with the ability to send, receive and respond to emails within the project team, under your User Security ID, either as an individual user or as a member of a group that has a shared mail inbox.

Model Mail


Displays the Project Calendar, defaulted to today's date, on which you can check for scheduled meetings and reminders of events, and add items for today or any day in the future.

Project Calendar

My Journal

Enterprise Architect provides a great facility for maintaining a daily journal, in which you can type all kinds of ideas, comments, notes, suggestions, events, to-do lists and other reminders of what you have done or intend to do within the model. This is a great way to keep the momentum flowing day to day. The facility is simple to use, allowing you to quickly jot down your thoughts as they occur to you.

Introducing the Journal

My Kanban

Displays the Kanban diagram that you have set as your personal default.

Kanban Features

My Gantt

Displays a Gantt chart listing the tasks that have been allocated to you and that are not yet complete.

Review Allocated Work

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