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System Behavior Panel

The 'System Behavior' panel provides access to the Configure SysML Simulation view, where you can configure and manage SysML based simulations as well as access a pre-defined search to retrieve SysML configuration artifacts.

Part of the Simulate ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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Click on the drop-down arrow to access the SysML Simulation configuration and management view, or to access a pre-defined model search that retrieves SysML configuration Artifacts.

  • SysMLSim Configuration Manager - display the Configure SysML Simulation view to build and run simulations using SysML and Open Modelica
  • Apply Perspective - apply the Modelica Sim Perspective to your modeling environment; the Model Wizard displays, presenting the SysML 1.5 Patterns
  • Find SysMLSim Configuration Artifacts - open the Model Search window and load a pre-defined set of search parameters to find SysMLSim configuration artifacts
Model Wizard Configure SysML Simulation Window Pre-defined Searches

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