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Tools Panel

The 'Tools' panel provides facilities for working with various kinds of schemas. The powerful Database Builder is accessed from this panel, as well as facilities for importing existing database schemas from a wide range of supported database products, generating DDL scripts from your database model, and managing and editing the templates used in generating those DDL scripts.

Also accessed from this panel is the model Scripting window, which provides the means to manage, create and edit automation scripts to work with your model.

Part of the Code ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Available Facilities



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Database Builder

Click on this icon to add, edit and manage database models for a wide range of DBMS products, using the Database Builder view.

The Database Builder

Schema Composer

Click on the drop-down arrow to display options for creating and managing custom profiles for the generation of industry-specific XSD files.

  • Open Schema Composer - display the Schema Composer view, which you use to create Schema profiles and generate XSD files from them
  • Import for Schema Composer - import a Schema Composer profile from an external file, using the 'Schema Importer' dialog
  • Find Schema Composer Profiles - execute a standard search to locate all Schema Composer profiles in the project
  • Help - display the The Schema Composer Help topic
Schema Importer The Schema Composer


Click on this icon to display the Scripting window, through which you can add, edit and manage model based scripts in JavaScript, JScript and VB.Net.



This icon opens the External Data facility for defining how the data from external sources is represented in Enterprise Architect.

When developing a model in Enterprise Architect you could connect to an external application such as TFS or JIRA as the data source. You would then indicate how data items in one application are reflected in the other.

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