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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Creating Objects

This topic explains how to create a workbench instance for a Class from your model.



Execute > Analyze > Testing > Open Object Workbench

Keyboard Shorcuts



Drag a Class directly from the Project Browser onto the Workbench window




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Creating an Object on the Workbench

Select the Class in the Project Browser and drag it on to the Workbench window.

The 'Workbench' dialog displays.

Type in a name for the new instance. The name should be unique for the Workbench.

Click on the Create button.

Choosing a Constructor

The 'Constructor' dialog is displayed where a choice of constructor exists.

Select the constructor from the drop-down list.

Enter Parameters

Provide values for the selected constructor's parameters:

  • Strings as arguments - Surround values with quotes where appropriate, or where the value would conflict with the name of a Workbench object
  • Objects as arguments - Enter the name of the Workbench object
  • String array arguments take text values separated by commas:

         one,two,three,"a book","a bigger book"
  • Object arrays as arguments take object names separated by commas; supply the named Workbench objects separated by commas, for example:


Invoke Constructor

Click on the Invoke button to create the instance. The object can be recognized by its name in the Workbench window.