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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Debug a Running Application

Rather than starting a process explicitly from within Enterprise Architect, you might want to debug an application (process) that is already running on your system.

In this case you can use the debugging capability to attach to the process that is already running. Provided you have the appropriate debug information written into the running process, and/or associated debug files (such as .PDB files), the debugger binds to that process and initiates a debug session.

You can also 'detach' from the process after you have completed your inspection and leave the process to run as normal.



Execute > Run > Start > Attach to Process   or

Execute > Analyze > Debugger > Attach to Process


Debug window toolbar : Attach To Process icon




See also

Show Processes

When you select to debug another process, the 'Attach To Process' dialog displays.

You can limit the processes displayed using the radio buttons at the top of the dialog; to find a service such as Apache Tomcat or ASP.NET, select the System radio button.

Select Debugger

When you select a process, you might have to choose the debugger from the Debugger dropdown list; however, if the selected Package has already been configured in an Analyzer Script, then the debugger listed in the script is preset on the dialog.

Process Selection

Once you double-click on a process containing debug information, and Enterprise Architect is attached to the process:

  • Any breakpoints encountered are detected by the debugger
  • The process is halted when a breakpoint is encountered, and
  • The information is available in the Debug window

Detach From Process

To detach from a process, click on the Debug stop icon (Debug Stop) button.