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Add Database Manager

The Add Database Manager screen displays when you click on the Add.. button on the 'Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client' screen; it allows you to define a new database connection to any supported DBMS.

Defining a new database connection to either a local Firebird repository or a DBMS repository

The process for defining a Database Manager is subtlety different for each DBMS, each is explained on the following pages.

The 'Alias'

It is important to note that the Pro Cloud Server uniquely identifies Databases by a single value; this value is referred to as the database 'Alias'.

When adding a new database manager, the Alias can be specified using the 'Alias' field on the 'Add Database Manager' dialog.

If no Alias is specified, then a default Alias is determined using the following rules:

  • Firebird definitions, the 'Alias' is the filename minus the extension
  • ODBC based definitions, the 'Alias' is the 'Data Source'
  • Oracle OLE DB based definitions, the 'Alias' is the Oracle 'net service name'
  • SQLServer OLE DB based definitions, the 'Alias' is the 'Initial Catalog'

Therefore, take care when defining database connections, to ensure that you do not create duplicate database aliases. However, if two or more database definitions do share the same alias then all Enterprise Architect clients will connect to the first database found with the requested alias.

Relative path Note

This note is shown on the Add Database Manager screen:

'Note: The Data Source Names and network paths provided by the Data Link Properties and ODBC Data Sources dialogs are relative to this machine and may need to be modified to match those on the server.'

The purpose of this note is to inform the user that ODBC definitions are saved on each machine and that if the Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client is used to access a Pro Cloud Server on another machine the ODBC DSN definition list is relative to the client machine and not the machine hosting Pro Cloud Server.

This means if the Pro Cloud Server Client application is running on a remote machine (that is, not the machine running the Pro Cloud Server) the definitions that are shown by clicking on the Browse. button and ODBC Data Sources button are relative to the current machine and not the Pro Cloud Server machine, so care should be taken.

Default State of Added Database Managers

As a safety precaution, whenever a new Database Manager is defined it is automatically configured to be disabled. You can enable the database after it has been initially defined by selecting the 'Enabled' checkbox on the Configure Database Manager screen.

The Configure Database Manager dialog

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