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Cloud Based Repositories

In terms of Enterprise Architect and Sparx Systems, Cloud based repositories are repositories that are hosted by the Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server.  The Pro Cloud Server is a supporting product to Enterprise Architect and allows Enterprise Architect repositories to be hosted anywhere in the world and encapsulates the retrieval of all repository data and serves it to Enterprise Architect clients for consumption.

Sparx Systems have designed the Pro Cloud Server to be installed in your company's infrastructure thereby giving you full control over its configuration but more importantly the data contained in your repositories.  We use the term 'Cloud' to indicate that Enterprise Architect users can simply connect to a repository with a single URL without any further configuration or setup.


  • Cloud Repositories are supported in Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition and above.
  • Enterprise Architect Professional Edition also supports Cloud Repositories, though only those which are hosted on a Firebird database.
  • An unlicensed installation of the Pro Cloud Server provides basic Cloud Repository functionality, allowing you to host Cloud repositories and access them via Enterprise Architect. With a valid license, the Pro Cloud Server provides a range of additional features.

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