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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Pro Cloud Server Features

As mentioned in the Introducing Cloud Repositories topic, even without a License the Pro Cloud Server can be used for hosting Cloud Repositories to be accessed by Enterprise Architect. When using a licensed Pro Cloud Server a number of additional features are available (as outlined below).


One of the most requested features from the Enterprise Architect user base recently has been the ability to access Enterprise Architect models on mobile devices or from desktops without the need to install the Enterprise Architect application.

Sparx Systems has developed WebEA using PHP, JavaScript and CSS to provide a solution that can be deployed easily, that runs on the widest variety of systems, and that doesn't require any special hardware or additional licensing.

WebEA has a large array of configuration options that give the Enterprise Architect customer the power to control exactly how each model can be accessed and what types of actions can be performed.


The Pro Cloud Server 'WebConfig' is a web based configuration client, which can be used as an alternative to the Windows based 'Configuration Client'.

The WebConfig allows you to add/configure Cloud connections, set up integration plugins, manage floating licenses, and view Pro Cloud Server logs; all from a Web Browser.


The OSLC RESTful API (OSLC Architecture Management v2.0) provides direct access to a wide range information from your Enterprise Architect Cloud Repositories.

Integration Plugins

Or Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI), is a framework developed to extend the Pro Cloud Server via Plugins.  The Integration Plugins allows you to link Enterprise Architect elements to elements/objects in external products.

Floating License Server

The Sparx Systems Floating License Server functionality has been available for many years as the Key Store, providing users of Enterprise Architect with the ability to manage their floating licenses. Up until the creation of Pro Cloud Server, the Key Store was only offered as an independent Windows service. Now that it has been integrated into the Pro Cloud Server, users only need to install, configure and maintain one service for all their Enterprise Architect needs.

Visibility Levels

The 'Visibility Levels' feature within Enterprise Architect gives model managers the ability to restrict access to certain sections of a model. Only models hosted by a Pro Cloud Server are able to make use of this feature. Visibility Levels are implemented by taking advantage of the Row Level Security feature included in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

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