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Tracking Changes

If you want to track changes to data across your project, you can use two separate but complementary facilities - Auditing and Baselines.




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Auditing of model changes

Auditing is a project-level feature, available in the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions, that enables you to record model changes in Enterprise Architect.

By enabling this feature, model administrators can view a range of information regarding changes, such as:

  • Who changed an element
  • How many elements they changed
  • When they changed the data
  • What the previous values were, and
  • What type of elements they changed

Baselining and differencing to capture and roll back changes

The Enterprise Architect Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions provide a facility to ' baseline ' or snapshot a model branch in XMI format at a particular point in time, and store it within the model in compressed format.

More than one baseline can be stored against a single Enterprise Architect Package; using baselines, you can compare Packages at the current and earlier stages of development, using the Compare (Diff) utility.

The Compare utility is available in the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect; it enables you to compare the current model with:

  • A Baseline
  • An exported Enterprise Architect XMI file on disk
  • A version-controlled Enterprise Architect XMI file on disk
Package Baselines The Compare Utility (Diff)