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BPMN Simulation

BPMN simulation is a method for visualizing and validating the behavior of your BPMN Business Process diagrams. With visual indications of all currently executing activities and the possible activities that can be executed next, you will easily be able to identify and resolve potential issues with the process you have modeled.

Simulating BPMN models is similar to simulating standard UML Behavioral models, except that BPMN:

  • Uses some different element types (such as Gateway instead of Decision) and
  • Operates on scripting placed, generally, in the appropriate 'Tagged Value' field associated with the connectors and elements, instead of in the 'Properties' fields (and, if you prefer, rather than in the 'Execution Analyzer Build Scripts' dialog); the scripting is written in JavaScript

Working with BPMN Simulation



See also

Create a BPMN Simulation Model

When you create a BPMN model suitable for simulation, you take into consideration how you represent the start point, the flow and the conditions to be tested.

Create a BPMN Simulation Model

Compare UML Activities to BPMN Processes

The simulation of BPMN Business Process models has a number of differences to the simulation of UML Activity diagrams.

Comparison of UML Activities and BPMN Processes


  • BPMN simulation is available in the Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect

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