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Dynamic Model Simulation

Using the Model Simulator, you can simulate the execution of conceptual model designs containing behavior. When you start a simulation, the current model Package is analyzed and a dynamic simulation process spawned to execute the model. As the simulator analyzes and works with UML constructs directly, there is no requirement to generate intermediary code or compile simulation 'executables'. This results in a very rapid and dynamic simulation environment in which changes can be made and tested very rapidly.

To get up and running with simulation, the only steps required are:

  • Build a behavioral diagram (State or Activity for manual or dynamic execution, Sequence for manual interaction only)
  • Optional: load the 'Simulation Workspace' layout - a fast way of bringing up all the frequently used Simulation windows
  • Click on the simulator Play button

If the diagram contains any external elements (those not in the same Package as the diagram) you will have to create an Import connector from the diagram's Package to the Package containing the external elements. You can do this by dragging both Packages from the Browser window onto a diagram and using the Quicklinker arrow to create the connector between them.

The Professional edition provides a quick and simple way to verify your design's behavior for logical correctness by manually stepping through a diagram. In the Corporate edition and above it is possible to:

  • Dynamically execute your behavioral models
  • Assess guards and effects written in standard JavaScript
  • Define and fire triggers into running simulations
  • Define and use sets of triggers to simulate different event sequences
  • Auto-fire trigger sets to simulate complex event histories without user intervention
  • Update simulation variables 'on the fly' to change how simulations proceed
  • Create and call COM objects during Simulation to extend the Simulation's reach and input/output possibilities
  • Inspect Simulation variables at run time
  • Set a script 'prologue' for defining variables, constants and functions prior to execution
  • Use multiple Analyzer Scripts with differing 'prologues' for running the Simulation under widely differing conditions

In the Unified and Ultimate Editions it is also possible to simulate BPMN models.

Platforms and Editions Available



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Models and Platforms Supported

The Model Simulator currently supports the execution of UML Activity, Interaction and StateMachine models and BPMN Business Processes on the simulation platforms:

  • UML Basic
  • BPMN
Set Up Simulation Script

Edition Support

Model Simulation is available at different levels across the range of editions of Enterprise Architect:

  • Professional - Manual Simulation only
  • Corporate and above  -  Adds dynamic JavaScript evaluation
  • Unified and Ultimate - Adds BPMN simulation

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