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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Create Custom Diagram Background

Enterprise Architect provides a number of options for setting the background of a diagram - a Theme, a system-defined tile background, a single-color flat background or a fading color gradient down the screen.

Alternatively, using the Image Manager, you can create a customized tiled or non-tiled background for your diagrams.

Create a customized background



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Check that a suitable image is available in the Image Manager. If the image you require is held elsewhere, import the file or the library containing the file.

Using the Image Manager Import Image Library


Open a diagram and create a Boundary object from the 'Use Case Elements' page of the Toolbox (do not use the Boundary element from any other section of the Toolbox).

System Boundary Diagram Toolbox


Stretch the Boundary to a size that can contain all of the elements you intend to place on the diagram, and drag it to the edges of the diagram workspace.


Right-click on the Boundary element and select the 'Z-Order | Send to Bottom' option.

This places the Boundary behind all other elements on the diagram.



  • Press Ctrl+Shift+W, or
  • Right-click on the Boundary and select the 'Appearance | Alternate Image' option


On the Image Manager window, select the required image for the diagram background and check that the image size is large enough to span the required size of the diagram background.

Using the Image Manager


Click on the OK button.


  • As an alternative method: after you have added the Boundary element to the diagram, copy an image from another source onto the Windows clipboard, right-click on the Boundary element, and select the 'Appearance | Apply Image From Clipboard' option

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